Stomatology for children

Nowadays the dentistry for children is particularly important especially as a part of the current general medicine. The young patients need especial attention and attitude.
Treating children requires a special method, used by dentists of UniDentArt Center. They use special hypoallergenic materials, medicines and instruments to treat children. But most important is the psychological aspect of the dentist – communication with children. A good dentist will always have an appropriate attitude towards little patients, so that the visit to the dentist would not be a trauma.
All dentists of UniDentArt clinic are qualified, experienced professionals skilled in working with children. In addition, dentists of the center use methods that can transfer the child's attention and, thus, can make them forget about fear, such as, for example coloured fillings for milk teeth. The child chooses the colour palette for filling and fearlessly sits down in the dental chair. 

Comprehensive services for children:

  • Treatment of milk teeth
  • Treatment of severe caries of permanent teeth;
  • Treatment of permanent teeth with unformed roots;
  • Teeth extraction
  • Endodontics;
  • Art restoration;
  • Temporary prosthesis;

It worth mentioning that it is namely children dentistry that allows avoiding many dental problems even at an older age. Dentistry for children ensures the smile of your kids now and the smiles of adults and successful people in the future!

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