Mankind has always desired to look better than they actually look. We believe that a natural, young smile with beautiful teeth can do almost everything for us, even attract good luck and conquer people's hearts.

The envy of Hollywood starts appearing on magazine covers makes many fellow citizens to think: where to whiten their teeth, so that they could also fascinate representatives of another sex. They search advertising of dental clinics with inscription “WHITE” with typographically gleaming effects.

Chief physician at the medical scientific and practical dental center Unident-Art.
Nicolae Melnic,
Dentist, at the practical dentistry center Unident-Art.

The searches of such "Mrs. Asia" teeth washers are always successful, because the analysis of advertising texts shows that 78% of dental clinics in the CIS mainly promote teeth whitening. In today's article we will try to cover all the methods of teeth whitening and reveal for the fans of white smile all the aspects of such unusual question.

Why unusual? Well, because our citizens, who for years have not been consulting any dentists fearing dentists' offices, have dental deposits changing the colour of teeth. Besides all, dental deposits like a pump absorb different colorants, thus making teeth yellow and depriving of all hopes to conquer hearts. Thus the independent fight against dental deposits begins being devoutly helped by television advertising, chewing gum, paste and rinse.

What is the use of chewing gum with whitening effect? Certainly chewing gum creates a healthy climate in your mouth and prevents dental deposits, fruit or mint flavours ensure a fresh breath, but it is wrong to rely on it as an effective method of whitening teeth surfaces. Even your stomach will not be glad of frequently chewing gums. Teeth rinse has almost the same effect and does not substantially differ – its antiseptic and refreshing effect does not influence the colour of teeth.

As a whole in terms of whitening property, there are two types of toothpastes. The first type is toothpastes with strong abrasives. They are close relatives of abrasive paper, but are much safer. Particularly, they are pretended to be absolutely safe and with no danger for your teeth. But rubbing off teeth of most patients and complaints about high irritability during washing teeth show the contrary. The second type toothpastes are cousins of "Mrs. Asia", only chemical regents, which are included in the composition of teeth whitening paste. These regents are called carbamide peroxide, which after hitting teeth is absorbed by enamel, simply lightening their colour, like the peroxide makes brunettes sexy blondes. Removing deposits with abrasive pastes, we simply restore the natural colour of teeth, while cleaning teeth with pastes containing carbamide, we also whiten them. Hard deposits can not be removed neither with abrasive toothpastes nor with pastes containing carbamide, let alone dental wound, which while hiding under gums, causing bleeding during washing, quite effectively "whiten" enamel "from inside" with a blackish shade. (It is worth mentioning that once we pass through the soft and caring hands of the dentist-hygienist, we can more effectively remove dental deposits than clean teeth with abrasive).

But virtually all possibilities of patients to whiten the colour of their teeth end here, these measures can quite effectively MAINTAIN the efforts of dentists after the course of medical whitening, but in fact independent efforts can rarely change the situation. Therefore, looking at the next photo of Angelina Jolie's, Cindy Crawford’s or Tom Cruise’s smiles, we run to the dental office and ask for whitening.

In terms of whitening there are the main types of dentists. The first of them, when hearing from patients their desire to "whiten" teeth would complain: "Why? It is inadmissible! It is acid!" and shocking patients, will continue to fill holes in teeth, calmly and with indignation and blaming patient information.

The second category of dentists, going to a consultation agency dealing with dentistry sales (a vile phrase, which making colleagues mercifully smile), would write a special commercial offer: "Only until 1st date we offer you discounts for teeth whitening. The new whitening system of “N” company and the simultaneous whitening of three patients at the price of one! Hurry up, only now and only for you!". The third category of dentists, even at consultations, without offering you something, will ask about your attitude towards "Hollywood standards" just for properly determining the treatment program and not to apply too many cosmetic filling of the colour of your teeth. At your desire and in response to your insistent demand to whiten "everything", you will hear that whitening without serious consequences can be only up to 2-3 shades at most, you will be shown a scale of teeth shades. Unfortunately, most patients demand the most white of all possible shades, the wonderful technical sanitary colour from Italy and waiting for a bright white colour of teeth, forget that advertising tabloids and photos on magazine covers, which are illuminated by the smiles of Hollywood star is just a masterpiece of a photomontage, and whiteness is achieved due to computer effects.

Such effects can be achieved only if we apply bleach on teeth, but the question about keeping your teeth is still pending – it is hard to bring a mouth without teeth in line with the established standards. If you agree to give up eating, drinking and breathing polluted urban air after whitening teeth, the result will certainly be kept for a long time. But even if after whitening you don’t realize and continue such destructive and abnormal whitening, then it is not clear, how long your teeth will keep such whitening effect. With your reasonable agreement, the dentist will remove deposits and will make a thin boxy dental impression with hollows for whitening gel containing carbamide peroxide, that will perfectly fit you without discomfort and at the same time will protect the soft tissues against an eventual burn; will speak about the rules of use and how you will reach the whitening result. The dental impression will be worn mainly on night, because while reducing the concentration of carbamide and increasing the time of bearing and the terms of whitening, we reduce pains that often accompany the whitening process.

Often most hygienists prefer to stay silent on this matter, tactically avoiding this unpleasant moment, but it is important to know and to remember that acting on enamel, the gel makes teeth very sensitive to cold and hot and cause burns in the region of the gums. As a rule, these effects are temporary and disappear since whitening is interrupted. The scientific progress is moving forward and there were already invented chemical components and a method of activating  carbamide with a special lamp and the same effect of whitening can be achieved in so said 40 minutes – currently widely claimed "laser whitening", quick whitening and without any guarantee of producing companies with an unreal enamel hardening. But we tested this method on our colleagues and the effect of this lamp, which cost as a good car, is more modest than the night version with the same negative effects of enhancing sensitiveness and night pains.

We would like to mention another "miracle" of marketologists - at-home whitening. Deciding that "I am my dentist" and at the same time wishing to save money, you can become victim of commercial offering and buy a kit (2 impressions and 2 tubes) for independent teeth whitening at one of pharmaceutical stands marketing magic medicines. But dentists dealing with such activities do not recommend them and here is the reason:

  • The attempt to whiten sick and injured teeth can bring you infernal pains;
  • Whitening kits are supplemented with standard size impressions and their incomplete application on teeth can cause gel leakage and serious burns and irritation of gums, cheeks and lips;
  • The softened and poisoned enamel will actively absorb anything that gets on your teeth and instead of a brilliant white as Alpine heights you will see in the mirror teeth with rainbow shades because of food dyes that were absorbed, since you can not independently polish and fluoridize teeth after whitening, which is one of the basic conditions of whitening.

Now you know almost everything about the most efficient methods of teeth whitening. We hope that advertising toothpastes, which white smile sellers try to attract you, will cease to be dangerous after being already informed. So, go ahead to fight and conquer hearts with your smile, without forgetting to stay within the limits of the generally accepted morality, although with a brilliant smile it is hard to abstain from this.

Here are some rules of the white colour:

-Do not smoke, excessively consume colour products (tea, coffee, berries, red wine);
-Regularly wash teeth (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, rinse)
-Rinse your mouth after eating;
-Every six months visit your dentist for professional cleaning of teeth.

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