"No painting can be perfect without appropriate proportions, although it was done so well, that it could not be better ..."

Albert Durer

World around us is quite varied, diverse and with lot of faces!

There are many forms in nature, one stranger than other, original compositions, great structures - an ideal example - the human body in which all organs and systems, which form it, work in a single regime.

Harmony (greec.) - aesthetic category defining the perfect matching the elements of a whole.

Where there is harmony, symmetry, mutual interaction between elements of a chain, there important vital processes run in a specific and well-defined pace, systems function in order to achieve the ultimate goal. All these include the definition of health.

Dorin Istrati, chief physician at the medical scientific and practical dental center Unident-Art.

Alexander Grudem, dentist at UNIDENT ART dental center

Harmony animated, full of human feeling and meaning, is also called beauty.

The imagination of beauty was indifferent and corresponded to those times when it was formed.
But the fundamental principle of its defining is justly the law of "golden sizes" or of "golden proportions".

The main association of a person is their face. Along with the laws of ordinary constructions described in medicine and particularly in dentistry (the three equal levels of the face), there are a lot of small details creating human individuality, repeatability, distinction, their own charm. For example - tooth surfaces with well contoured edges supplement the open smile, the emphasis big eyes, wide forehead, Greek profile, etc.

Along with this, it is very interesting that despite the fact that we are all different - in 08% of human dimensions and to some extent the colour of teeth are the same!

Where such diversity of appearance and individuality come from?

The secret of the mystery is the optical effects of the unique relationship of inside and outside details (angles, lines, volume, size, location on different levels and areas), changing the outside aspect of teeth, giving them many aspects and uniqueness. Working with the shape and the same volume and surface means handling the nature kaleidoscope.

Every smiling person gives a signal to people around that he or she is fine, his or her family is okay, this person is happy and ready to share his or her joy with others. Such a person is teamworking, a good business partner, is likely to celebrate holidays and rest with families.

But do not forget that due to various factors (age, disease), some elements are lost or function improperly, whose harmony and subsequent beauty is disturbed! A natural question arises, how to find the path to harmony? Here, from our point of view, the most interesting thing begins: it is no longer a secret that every modern person wants to look younger than their real age, to radiate health and beauty.

"Only art can approach to beauty ..."

Ramontas Dijavicos

There is a trend to create pleasant impressions for people around, especially women, who spend a lot of money, efforts and time on various methods of "rejuvenation".

In response to these trends, a whole "industry" of "youth" works: industries of cosmetology, pharmacy, networks of beauty salons, fitness centers and cosmetic surgery clinics...

But all these efforts and costs are not quite effective, you can everyday apply face masks to remove wrinkles, perform face lifting or exfoliate the skin ... but it is worth to smile once and others will immediately notice your real age! No brilliant smile is possible without healthy teeth or teeth, whose appearance is the result of the effort made by a dentist who like a painter feels, touches, restores those sometimes unobservable details of the smile "design", thus creating a masterpiece, a work of art. Aesthetics is required when a person needs quality, not quantity!

"Never stop smiling, even when you are sad. Someone can fall in love with your smile ..."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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