Filling three-dimensional root system

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An important condition of our body normal function is the response to the naturally function, non-spread of infections, micro-organisms and the regenerative capacity. Unfortunately, teeth do not have this regenerative capacity. Only a professional intervention can help prevent serious consequences related to the destruction of the mouth. When it comes to teeth, only the most conscientious people think about a comprehensive treatment, while the others, as a rule, are pleasant with the existing situation, and in case of a certain discomfort, they only attempt to kill pains. An important issue related to treating root channels is discussed with the chief physician of the scientific and practical dental center UNIDENTART, Dorin Istrati.

So, why the three-dimensional obturation of the root system is needed?

Let figure out from the beginning that "obturation" means filling or blocking channels.

In simple terms it's the same process of filling channels, but it is three-dimensional. The three-dimensional obturation allows covering all channels of the root.

Older filling methods have a substantial drawback compared to the three-dimensional revolution. The three-dimensional obturation means sealing the branched system of channels. Since the root does not have a single main channel, but a system of lateral channels, which at an ordinary filling were simply inaccessible.

Using the outdated obturation method, the root channel was filled unevenly, leaving gaps that did not allow for a complete sealing and filling of peripheral channels; at the previous stage of development this was impossible. Usually the gaps in the peripheral channels entail pathological processes in the root tip, periodontal destruction and finally the removal of the tooth. If the channel is not properly obstructed, pathological processes in the root tip can not be avoided.

 This method is used in cases of: filling the channels at the level of nerve removal, or in cases when the tooth was not properly removed, and as a result another pathological process occurred (there are frequent cases when getting rid of pain the patient pays no attention to the basic treatment).    



Obturation of root channels is as follows:

removal of the current decay;

perfect sterilization of the channel;

channels are obturated.


So, as a result of our manipulations we have an almost ideal channel:

without microbes;
without tissues;
without bacterial endotoxin.



As a result, we have a well treated tooth, which will not create any further problems.




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