About us

UniDentArt is the only dental clinic in Moldova authorized by the US corporation Dentsply.

If a theatre starts from the changing room, then a dental clinic starts from the reception.

Modern design, comfortable chairs, aquarium with goldfish and pleasant music - all these things dissipate fears and create good mood, especially because further you will enjoy a painless treatment made by a competent doctor!

The clinic is perfectly equipped with ergonomic dental armchairs made by Sirona Company and with the latest professional equipment, which allows making a Roentgen photo while the patient is on the chair. We provide medical highly professional and responsible services in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. 

Our last generation materials and techniques allow as providing a modern range of orthodontic, prosthetic, surgical treatment in collaboration with specialized German laboratories.

An attractive smile improves your appearance, increases confidence and self esteem!
A beautiful smile is an important part of impression you make to people around you!

UniDentArt Dental Center provides a complex dental help to its patients.

Weather in Chisinau
Вечер 21 Oct
температура 13..15 С
давление 761..763 мм рт.ст.
2 м/с
Ночь 22 Oct
температура 9..11 С
давление 761..763 мм рт.ст.
2 м/с
Утро 22 Oct
температура 10..12 С
ветер Юго-Восточный
День 22 Oct
температура 19..21 С
давление 761..763 мм рт.ст.
1 м/с
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