• Filling three-dimensional root system
    Tuesday, July 5, 2011
    Do you really need this? An important condition of our body normal function is the response to the naturally function, non-spread of infections, micro-organisms and the regenerative capacity. Unfortunately, teeth do not have this regenerative...
    Tuesday, July 5, 2011
    "No painting can be perfect without appropriate proportions, although it was done so well, that it could not be better ..." Albert Durer World around us is quite varied, diverse and with lot of faces! There are many forms in...

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About clinic

UniDentArt is the only dental clinic in Moldova authorized by the US corporation Dentsply.

If a theatre starts from the changing room, then a dental clinic starts from the reception.

Modern design, comfortable chairs, aquarium with goldfish and pleasant music - all these things dissipate fears and create good mood, especially because further you will enjoy a painless treatment made by a competent doctor!

The clinic is perfectly equipped with ergonomic dental armchairs made by Sirona Company and with the latest professional equipment, which allows making a Roentgen photo while the patient is on the chair. We provide medical highly professional and responsible services in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

Our last generation materials and techniques allow as providing a modern range of orthodontic, prosthetic, surgical treatment in collaboration with specialized German laboratories.

An attractive smile improves your appearance, increases confidence and self esteem!

A beautiful smile is an important part of impression you make to people around you!

UniDentArt Dental Center provides a complex dental help to its patients.

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